High Temperature Solar Thermal Industry - PATENT CERN-SRB
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This collector has the unique characteristics of its kind.

- The most important feature is that each collector is equipped with a Getter pump with which it is possible to achieve a degree of vacuum inside the collector of Torricelli, ensuring a perfect insulation inside. By using this pump the vacuum level is guaranteed for 20 years, while maintaining superior performance to traditional collectors with over the years.

- The figure at right shows the pressures of work of SRB compared to traditional collectors and their equilibrium temperatures for those pressures.

- Another feature is the use of treatments to have a high absorption (90%), and a low emissivity (7%).

- They can exploit the scattered light.

- Finally several models of collector with parabolic mirrors have been made on the basis of end usage. These collectors can also reach temperatures above 400 C.
From an invention of Dr. Benvenuti developed at CERN in Geneva flat plate solar collectors products were produced.
- Panel without concentrator

Good on roofs where there are stringent rules for the installation, but it is less efficient than that with the concentration.
- Panel with cylindrical concentrators

These collectors lend themselves to being used in applications requiring high working temperatures.
Concentration factor 1.8,
Stagnation temperature about 400C.
The chart below shows the efficiency of the collector as a function of irradiation and its average temperature.

District heating networks
They can be integrated with cogeneration and to supply hot water district heating system resulting in a substantial saving on fossil fuel.

Cooling systems
Another application is convenient to use the collectors with SRB absorption machines for producing cold, in fact, the collectors reaching temperatures of 150 C, make the machine competitive adsorption with COP of 1.3.

Industrial Processes
It 's convenient to use in industrial processes where there is need for high temperatures.

An example is the Swiss Holding Colas SA based in Geneva. This company had the need to heat the bitumen content in some silo storage to the  temperatures >160 C and using a field consisting of 20 SRB collectors has obtained significant cost savings. Another 160 square meters of SRB collectors will shortly be installed.

Another application for industrial processes has been realized in Valencia; in this case the PINCASA, an automotive part company ,needed to save fossil fuel for a type of process and installing a field of 180 square meters of collectors SRB was able to produced the heat necessary.

Within the context of the study a thesis was prepared, with the Polytechnic of Turin, consisting of an energy-economic feasibility study for installation of SRB collectors on the roof of an elementary school in Valle d'Aosta. The heat produced in addition to meeting the needs of pupils should be given, if in excess, to the municipal district heating network.
Through this collaboration the Studio Sun-mo has acquired the skills necessary to design and propose industrial and residential applications.