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Even in this time of economic crisis, our industry is booming, partly because the energy savings often corresponds to a cost savings, although provided with (often) an initial investment.

To better continue to monitor the quality our customers are looking for capable staff for our study.

We offer:

- Stage (both curricular and extra-curricular) to students, preferably in technical disciplines;
- Internship with business recruitment opportunities

We build the team

It has started an ambitious project for wind power plants: contact us if you are interested in working with us.

Collaborations map

Already work with us:

- Michele Bergantino
- Alberto Raffo
- Francis Soldier
- Raffaella Cignarale
- Antonello Tatti
- Tommaso Giovine
- Francesco Crudele
- Gianluca Quaglio
Work with us
We thank all those who have contacted us.
At now, the selection of new employees is completed. Do not hesitate to contact us again after the summer.
Thank you!