Micro-WIND Plants
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But the man knew and wanted to tame the wind, like vital engine on sails of the first trips overseas, because he has always understood that it's the source of inexhaustible energy.

Today, distracted by a uniform world of city far away from every natural event (except classify it "bad weather" for its effects ...), we know how cold, turbulent and annoying the wind is if it comes from the east in winter, strong and warm if it follows the mighty Alps, or sweet and pleasant, when it rises and descends our valleys and our hills in summer days or when caressing the shoreline in the summer.

Swept by an energy crisis that has no clear way out, we are to suffer the vicious circle of growing environmental impact.

To think about the future, it's time to turn back for a moment, when the man took advantage of wind energy, even in our region, as evidenced by the documented presence of windmills in the windiest areas (and in some valleys of the Torinese hills ....).

It should again time to try to deal with the wind and energy!

Here's why:
We have to deal with the wind!

The man comes to terms with the wind since ancient times.

Often as an uncontrollable enemy, destroyer of homes and crops, infinite energy for foaming waves.

In mythology, Zeus entrusted them to Aeolus, because if not checked they were dangerous.
Authorisation aspects
Incentive mechanisms (recognized for 15 years)
The wind power plant consists of wind turbine blades that transform the energy of the wind into mechanical energy of rotation of a rotor to which are rigidly coupled.
The movement of the rotor can be converted then into electric energy, for example by using permanent magnets, which is made compatible with the characteristics of the National Grid thanks to appropriate control systems and inverters.

But the accounts must be made before ... to make the investment!

Before you invest, you should make a complete preliminary investigation, after the proper installation of anemometers which can take measurements of the average wind speed and wind characteristics at the site identified.

Only when the economic forecast, evaluated and shared with the customer, should prove satisfactory, you can do the actual investment.
Wind machines
For Private or Corporate Customers

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Beginning in 2009 with the Budget Law and confirmed by subsequent decrees, there are two mechanisms:

1. the mechanism by which the wind energy produced by wind farms by up to 1kWp 200Kwp is paid for 15 years with an all-inclusive tariff of 0,30 per kWh produced and sold to the grid.

2. (alternative) it is possible (only for installations between 60 and 200Kwp) to exploit the mechanism of Green Certificates, but is almost never convenient for small private plants compared to mechanism 1.

The possibility of on-site exchange service **, which includes the autonsumo wind energy produced, is only compatible with the second mechanism and not with the all-inclusive tariff.

** As defined by the AEEG, "is to establish a particular form of consumption on site, allowing the electricity produced and fed into the grid can be procured and consumed in a different time from that in which it is produced, using then the electrical system as a tool to the virtual storage of electricity, but not the same self-consumed. "
Systems up to 1.5 m

Leg. n.115/2008: If you are installing wind turbines with a height not exceeding 1.5 m and a diameter not exceeding 1m when installed on buildings not subject to constraints, require only a prior notification to the Municipality.

Systems up to 60Kwp

Picture Decree of March 2011: it indicates that the maximum power is 60 kW installed and connected to the national distribution network, with allowable procedure DIA - SCIA - in the absence of specific environmental constraints (landscape, historical, artistic, archaeological) and unless otherwise regional - and it specifies the documentation to be attached (with a maximum time of the procedure of 30 days). And therefore the sole responsibility of Municipality.

Plants beyond 60Kwp

(Decree of the Framework in March 2011: over 60 kW the construction and operation of the plants is subject to Authorization procedure (maximum 90 days for the procedure) - competence Regional / Provincial.